Jason Goad, an illustrator from the Midwest, was born at the perfect time to have his young eyes and impressionable brain bombarded with the imagery of Star Wars, G.I. Joe, Transformers, Super-friends, and Marvel Super Heroes. ┬áThese influences along with art nouveau, sci-fi movies, anime, video games, and fine art techniques learned in art school have shaped his aesthetic and helped him form a unique and recognizable style. ┬áHis work has found it’s way into various niches including, but not limited to, rock posters, music merchandise, motorcycle helmets, and toy graphics for Hot Wheels cars. Clients who have put their trust in Mr. Goad include Sony BMG, Mattel, Anarchy Eyewear, Nowstalgic Toys, Topps, The Electric Factory Presents, Savage Tattoo magazine, Alternative Press, The Giant Peach, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and Icon / Z1R helmets.

If you would like to hire Jason or have general questions about his art, please contact him at goad.jason@gmail.com

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