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I had if for awhile, but if you want to follow me on Instagram, my handle is @vincentvangoad.  I think I probably update that thing more often than my actual website…….right now I’m working on some more sketch cards for Topps for their upcoming Star Wars Rebels cards.  If you are a Star Wars fan and haven’t checked that show out, it’s great – they really nailed the feel of the original trilogy even down to making some of the effects on it look like composited special effects from the 70′s-80′s…..great stuff….nice to see the bridge between the Clone Wars /prequel stuff and Original Trilogy.




Mystery Sketch tubes!

Every once in awhile I’ll put up some Mystery Sketch Tubes, which are basically just me grabbing a random sketch from the NUMEROUS piles and sketchbooks I have from various jobs I’ve worked on.  It’s a total crap shoot what you get, but I think $20 for a original piece of artwork is pretty reasonable.  Anyway, I recently put 15 slots up on my Bonanza site, so go grab ‘em up before they’re gone…..


The making of “Skully”!

Recently (and by recently I mean February) I started working on an award design for the first annual Alternative press Music Awards that happened July 21 at the Rock and Roll Hall of fame.  Here’s a article detailing the different steps we went through including brainstorming sessions, designs (including a lot of scrapped ideas), and the actual sculpting process that brought my drawings to  life.  So check it out…..

Also here’s a video showing one of my illustrations turned into a huge backdrop as well as Brendan Urie of Panic at the Disc receiving the first award….

Speedy the Turtle!

Hey everybody…been a long time since I’ve updated, mostly because I’ve been up to my eyeballs in projects – one such project was  Speedy the Turtle that I provided illustrations for.  Now available on Amazon, Speedy features 26 illustrations by yours truly and is great for boys and girls alike….so go grab a copy (or two)…..